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Instruction: ENG 648 (Duffy)

Certainly! Please tell Cheryl I will be in touch to request the assignment sheet and potential topics to work with.

Best Wishes,

Brian Gribben


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Subject: FW: Results for Forsyth Library Instruction Request.


Are you available?

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Robyn Hartman, MA

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Subject: Results for Forsyth Library Instruction Request.


Form Name: Forsyth Library Instruction Request
Report link: http://fhsu.libsurveys.com/reports.php?id=13006

Faculty/Staff Name: Cheryl Duffy
Email: chduffy@fhsu.edu
Phone Number: 7856285317
Department: English
Course Name and Number (e.g. ENG 101 English Composition I): ENG 648
How many students are in the class or in each section?: 8
Where would you prefer to hold the instruction session(s)? Please note that the Forsyth Computer Lab has 18 computers with room for an additional 8-10 students to use their portable devices. : RH 369 (classroom just across from the English Office)
Please list your top 3 preferences for the date and time of the instruction session for each section. Include the length of time for each session.: 1:30-2:20 on Friday, October 19, is the only day that works for our schedule. (I will be attending the Humanities Kansas Board Meeting that day.) If that day does not work for you, I will simply need to come up with a "Plan B"!
Is this instruction session directly tied to a research or similar assignment? : Yes
Please briefly describe the assignment, topics covered, and any specific resources required. The instructing Librarian will need a copy of the assignment prior to planning the session.: Students will choose a topic related to composition theory and write a researched essay. I have a list of possible topics--and an actual assignment sheet--which I would be happy to email to whoever ends up leading this session.
What would you like your session to focus on? This is not an exhaustive list. See Forsyth Library's Instruction page for more details on these types of sessions. For all topics, or if you are unsure of a topic, you will be contacted by the instructing Librarian to collaborate with you to design an appropriate instructional session.: Search Strategy , Types of Information Sources , Advanced Research Strategies , Research Guide for class or assignment
Have you been in contact with, or worked with, a Forsyth staff member about this session or assignment? : Yes
Forsyth Staff Member:: MaryAlice Wade
Please note any other topics, questions, student accommodations, or ideas here.: Just a note that MaryAlice has provided this service in the (way) past--but I realize that duty areas have shifted, and I'm thrilled with whoever can work with us! Students might not have solidified their topic choice by Oct. 19, but I'm going to encourage them to have 2-3 possibilities in mind so that they can try out different topics to discover which one might prove the most fruitful.

Friday, October 19, 2018
1:30pm - 2:20pm
Computer Lab
  Brian     Library Instruction  

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