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Instruction: CRJ 245 (Qi)

Faculty/Staff Name: Ziwei Qi
Email: z_qi5@fhsu.edu
Phone Number: 4767
Department: Criminal Justice
Course Name and Number (e.g. ENG 101 English Composition I): CRJ 245 Ethcis in Criminal Justice
How many students are in the class or in each section?: 23
Where would you prefer to hold the instruction session(s)? Please note that the Forsyth Computer Lab has 18 computers with room for an additional 8-10 students to use their portable devices. : Rarick Hall 204
Please list your top 3 preferences for the date and time of the instruction session for each section. Include the length of time for each session.: 9/11 9am 9/18 9am 10/2 9am
Is this instruction session directly tied to a research or similar assignment? : Yes
What would you like your session to focus on? This is not an exhaustive list. A typical 50 minutes session can cover 1-2 topics. If more topics are needed, consider scheduling multiple library sessions.: Search Strategy , Research Guide for class or assignment, Literature review
Have you been in contact with, or worked with, a Forsyth staff member about this session or assignment? : No

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
9:00am - 10:15am
Instructor's Classroom
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